Notice to Coroners, Chief Deputies, and Deputies:

Note to New Coroners Seeking Access:

If you are a newly elected coroner, or a chief deputy who has assumed office, please do not register for a new account. Please contact your regional vice president, or the New Coroners committee (see Committee Assignments).

Note to Existing Coroners Seeking Access

If you had an account on the old website, you automatically have an account on the new website. Not sure what your login details are? No problem. Contact the Webmaster to be provided your username and a password reset link. If you have tried to reset your password, it's possible we have an invalid email address on file for you. Contact us before attempting to create a new account.

Note to Chief Deputies Seeking Access:

The former accounts provided to you, county+deputy; ie: centerdeputy no longer exist, as there was no email account attached to them. Instead, you must register for access to the new website. Please keep in mind:
  • We will contact the county coroner to verify they agree you should have access;
  • We will verify your educational access fees have been paid to the Association;
  • We require a logical username and a valid email address to complete registration;
  • We reserve the right to reject a registration request if any of the above do not check out.

Other County Deputies and Administrative Staff

At this time, the Board has not determined how access to the new website will be given to all county coroners' staff members. At this time, website access is provided to coroners only; and chief deputy coroners with the county coroner's approval. Other accounts may be approved on a case by case basis. Until it is determined how registration will be handled and maintained, we ask that you not register for an account. Any registrations submitted by persons who cannot be verified as senior/staff members; or which are incompletely filled out, will be rejected.


Please complete the following fields.
Enter your first and last names, or the name you prefer to go by; a nickname, including Junior, Senior, II, or other post-nominal; e.g., Robert "Bob" Doe-Smith, II, This will override the first and last name field on all areas of the site, including the member directory/lookup page, so only use if necessary.

How we'll communicate

Your private email address is the address to which your password resets and other website communications will be sent. They are also visible to other coroners and medical examiners.

Public email addresses end in, are set by the Association, and should not be changed. These addresses are visible to any website viewer--this is how the public will contact you. Only coroners and medical examiners will be provided public email addresses.
The email address, if any, you would like to show the public. For coroners, this is your email address. For deputies, you may leave this blank or use your county email address. Use of a personal email address as your public contact method is not recommended.

Certifications & Accreditations

If you are ABMDI-certified, you can select that from the dropdown to have it displayed on your public profile. Otherwise, your profile with simply state, "Nothing to Show" under "Certifications."
No special certifications to show at this time. Why not ask me about them? 
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