Please note: Registration is a closed process.

Note to New Coroners/Medical Examiners Seeking Access:

If you are a newly elected/appointed coroner/medical examiner, or a chief deputy who has assumed office, an account will be (or has been) automatically created for you.

If we haven’t reached out yet, or you still need assistance…

    Note to Existing Coroners Seeking Access

    If you had an account on the old website, you already have an account on the new website.

    Not sure what your login details are? No problem! Just visit Password Management! (You’ll need the email address you’re registered with–it’s probably the email address you use for work.)

      Access for Deputies and Professional Staff:

      Any old deputy accounts such as, county+deputy; ie: centerdeputy no longer exist. However, coroners and medical examiners can sponsor their deputies for individual accounts.

      Coroners/Medical Examiners: please complete the following form to sponsor your deputies. (One form per deputy is necessary.)

      • Form must be filled out by coroner to agree you should have access;
      • We will verify your educational access fees have been paid to the Association;
      • We require valid email address to complete registration;
      • We reserve the right to reject a registration request if any of the above do not check out.
      • Accounts are periodically monitored and inactive accounts may be disabled.
      • Upon separation of employment, coroner/medical examiner shall notify the Executive Director to disable the website account.